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Improve Kidney Function
in Four Weeks

The liver is often the body’s metabolic factory. The main functions of the liver include:


Converting Food into Usable Substances 


Removes Toxins from The Body

The liver is the “Metabolic Factory” in the body where more than 500 processes take place.

However, the liver’s self-healing ability and its main function of detoxification may be challenged due to:


Viral Infections






High Fat Food




Genetic Anomalies

Different Stages of
Liver Disease
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1. Healthy Liver - Bright red appearance. Functions at optimal level.
2. Inflamed Liver - A result of an accumulation of toxins and waste products as a result of an compromised liver.
3. Liver Fibrosis - Liver tissue is replaced by fibrous connective tissue as a reparative response to repeated injury.
4. Liver Cirrhosis - Permanent scarring or fibrosis of the liver, replacing remaining healthy liver tissue. Restricted blood flow greatly reduces liver function.
5. End Stage Liver Disease or Liver Cancer - Liver cells no longer viable or sufficient for normal function. Mutation may occur due to high oxidative stress which may lead to liver cancer.

Our Solution: 3-in-1 Liver Formula with Triple Action

     Damage Control

Reduce inflammation, fibrosis and oxidative stress to allow the liver to heal and restore its function

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     Mitochondrial Renewal

New mitochondria provides more energy for liver to restore and revitalize

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Prevent toxins from attaching to liver and reduce liver's overload

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     Optimal Liver Functions

Lower elevated ALT, AST, ALP, GGT, CRP which are the markers for liver functions

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Discover How 3 Clinically Tested Ingredients Work Synergistically
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Milk Thistle Extract


- Suppress fibrogenesis and initiate regeneration of damaged liver cell

- Normalize elevated liver enzyme level

- Prevent toxins from attaching to the liver

ETHIS-094™ is a trademark of Euromed S.A., Spain for Milk Thistle Extract. Euromed is the longest producing & largest global Milk Thistle supplier. It has Over 200 published studies showing proven activity, potency & safety.

French Oak Extract


- Recycle old mitochondria to provide more energy to liver cell

- Increase ribosomal renewal to synthesize protein for liver

- Normalize elevated liver enzyme level and lower C-reactive protein

ROBUVIT® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research, France for French Oak Extract. Horphag Research is one of the pioneer in antioxidant and anti-aging research for over 40 years. It has over 20 published studies showing proven activity, potency & safety.

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Tumeric Extract



- Reduce inflammation in the body and inflammatory responses

- Maintain low level of oxidative stress

- Protect liver cell from toxins and further damage

Curcugreen™ is an exclusive licensed trademark of Arjuna Natural Pvt. Ltd., India for Curcuma longa Extract. Arjuna Natural is one of the leading manufacturers of standardized herbal extract in the market. It has over 60 published studies showing proven activity, potency & safety.

Clinical Study

Robuvit® Decreases Elevated Liver Enzymes

robuvit decreases elevated liver enzymes.png

Gizzi et al. Minerva Medica, in press, 2013

Effect of Robuvit® on Oxidative Stress

effect of robuvit on oxidative stress.png

Gizzi et al. Minerva Medica, in press, 2013

Robuvit® Decreases Inflammation Significantly Better Than Control

robuvit decreases inflammation significantly better than control.png

Gizzi et al. Minerva Medica, in press, 2013

Product Details:

Each 500mg contains the following:
Milk Thistle Extract ........... 180mg

(Silybum marianum, Fructus)
Quercus robur Extract ....... 100mg
(Quercus robur, Lignum)

Curcuma longa Extract ...... 100mg

(Curcuma longa, Rhizome)

Direction of Use:


Take 1 capsule twice daily after food.

Take at least 3 months to see the full benefits and then reduce to 1 capsule once daily ad the maintenance dose.

How to Store

Store below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture. Keep cap tightly closed.

​What Pack Size Is Available

Bottle of 30's.

How It Looks Like


vegetable-based capsule containing brown coloured powder.

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Are You in One of These Risk Categories for Liver Damage?
HEPASHIELD obesity.png


Overtime Worker

HEPASHIELD alcohol.png

High Alcohol Intake

Stressful Student

Abnormal Liver Marker Level

Low Performance/Energy

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