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Traditionally used for 
   Improve liver function
   Protect the liver from toxins
   Reduce inflammation
   Increase energy levels
   Support overall health


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Milk Thistle Extract

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a plant is native to the Mediterranean. It has been used since ancient Roman as a herbal remedy.

Historically, Milk thistle was used as a digestive tonic, a general tonic for the spleen, stomach and liver. It is also beneficial for the gallbladder, to promote bile flow.

ETHIS-094™ is a trademark of Euromed S.A., Spain for Milk Thistle Extract.

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French Oak Extract

Quercus robur is also known as French oak or English Oak. The name quercus comes from the Celtic words quer (fine) and cuez (tree).

Historically, oak bark tinctures have been used for lung, throat, and gastrointestinal disorders by British, Greeks and Romans. It has been used to treat hemorrhaging, intermittent fevers, chronic diarrhea, and dysentery.

ROBUVIT® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research, France for French Oak Extract.

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Tumeric Extract


Curcuma longa (turmeric) is also known as "kunyit" or "yellow ginger" from the ginger family.

For centuries, the rhizome and root of turmeric has been used in the Ayurvedic medicine for the stomach and liver discomfort and as purifier of the blood. Modern research has focused on turmeric’s potential use as an anti-inflammatory.

Curcugreen™ is an exclusive licensed trademark of Arjuna Natural Pvt. Ltd., India for Curcuma longa Extract.

     Damage Control

Reduce inflammation, fibrosis and oxidative stress to allow the liver to heal and restore its function

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     Mitochondrial Renewal

New mitochondria provides more energy for liver to restore and revitalize

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Prevent toxins from attaching to liver and reduce liver's overload

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     Optimal Liver Functions

Lower elevated ALT, AST, ALP, GGT, CRP which are the markers for liver functions

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Product Details:

Each 500mg contains the following:
Milk Thistle Extract ........... 180mg

(Silybum marianum, Fructus)
Quercus robur Extract ....... 100mg
(Quercus robur, Lignum)

Curcuma longa Extract ...... 100mg

(Curcuma longa, Rhizome)

Direction of Use:


Take 1 capsule twice daily after food.

Take at least 3 months to see the full benefits and then reduce to 1 capsule once daily ad the maintenance dose.

How to Store

Store below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture. Keep cap tightly closed.

​What Pack Size Is Available

Bottle of 30's.

How It Looks Like


vegetable-based capsule containing brown coloured powder.

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Where to Buy:

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